JustHost Review

JustHost Review


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The JustHost is a fine entry-level website hosting company, which offers the users all the features, and all the services they need. Powered by the collective power of the EIG group, the JustHost brings you the industry standards and a bit more than that in some fields of this service. Read More

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User Review
4.31 (70 votes)
User Rating(70 votes) 4.31
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JustHost Review

The JustHost would prove to be a great web host for you, especially if you are a bit tight on your budget, yet you want to have stable hosting. This company has been around for more than 15 years and has been providing some really good services for its clients. Today, the JustHost is one of the flagships of the EIG (a bit more details on this a bit later), and it offers the full palette of website hosting, including VPS and dedicated services too. In our JustHost review, we share all the information you need to decide whether this web host is fitting for your needs, or you would have to find another. In advance, we can tell you, that you don’t have to build a sweat – the JustHost is good enough for most users, while those with special needs, could find someone from the EIG group with the service they need. We will take a look on the features, the different services the JustHost provides, along with prices and others. Also, we check their security and the way they measure up in terms of stability and speed.

Company Info

The JustHost was established in 2002. It offered a scale of hosting services, shared, at first, then expanded its repertoire. Nowadays, the JustHost is part of a larger family. The company has been acquired in 2012 by the Endurance International Group, and though it kept its original brand name, it shares its support and some of the features with the other companies of the EIG. This, however, isn’t an issue, because the larger company provides a safer background and backup. Truth to be told, the JustHost isn’t too well-known, but its services are good enough.

Hosting Services


The shared hosting means you share the processing power, storage, and bandwidth with other sites on the same box. However, nowadays, the shared hosting services are even better than they were before, and if you are a blogger, or you are into online marketing, you won’t really notice this sharing. Even if there are hundreds or thousands of sites on the same server, you will never feel it: the JustHost offers “unlimited” hosting, but when a site uses excessive resources, they will watch it, and restrict it – this way they can avoid causing troubles to the other sites.

The shared hosting plans all include one free domain for one year, unlimited bandwidth, and if you choose anything but the Basic plan, you also get bonus advertising credits, SpamExperts, and some other options. The Basic plan gives you the option to have 1 site, 50GB storage, 1 domain, 5 parked- and 25 sub domains, along with five emails and 100Mb email storage. It’s a good starter pack, to be honest, but if you need something more serious, the higher plans are still quite affordable. The Prime plan is the best: an unlimited number of sites, space, bandwidth, parked and subdomains, emails and storage. Also, for the Prime, you get $200 worth of marketing package, SpamExperts, Domain privacy and access to SiteBackup Pro.


One of the best features of the JustHost VPS hosting is that it offers you a selection of nicely built VPS servers, and they are quite affordable. The Standard VPS servers have a dual-core processor, 2GB RAM, 1TB bandwidth per month, 1 IP and 30 GB storage. Also, every VPS runs on CentOS 6.5. Now, the Standard is quite good if you would like to run more sites, but you don’t expect so many visits that the 1TB bandwidth would be used up. As you advance through higher levels of VPS servers, you get better power. The VPS services of JustHost is based on cloud technology, which actually enhances the overall performance. You get access to the root, and the cPanel is included with the VPS too. The VPS server is yours in instant, the provisioning takes only a few seconds.


The dedicated hosting is the most powerful, and the most expensive of all. You are going to gain access to real powerhouses, and as you will find out, they are worthy of their price. The Standard dedicated plan includes an Intel Xeon processor with 4 Cores and 8 threads, 4 GB RAM, a bandwidth of 5TB/month, one free domain for one-year, 3 IP addresses, and 500 GB storage. These servers are also instantly provisioned, any you will be able to take advantage of the root access, cPanel (CentOS is installed on all servers). Clients who opted-in for dedicated hosting also get access to a dedicated support line. If you feel the storage you get isn’t enough, you can get more – though they are quite expensive, and moving up to a better dedicated plan would be more economic!

Building Your Website

The JustHost has several ways on offer to make it easier for you to build your websites. cPanel access is included in the shared plans too, which means you can install scripts and CMS with only a few clicks. For those who prefer much simpler website building, the Weebly website builder would be a good choice, although it will have a monthly fee if you decide that you want to use it for more than a few pages. We recommend you to either install the CMS you are familiar with or use WordPress and WordPress templates, so you wouldn’t really have to worry about the design. Mojo marketplace is also available, granting you many options to create your site.

CMS and Add-Ons

You can install scripts and other things quite fast, and we are quite sure that it’s going to be a great experience to explore the different options, especially if you are new to website development. If you are looking for a selection of e-commerce solutions, you might install Magento or osCommerce in one click, along with TomatoCart for example. The most popular and largest CMS are also here: Drupal, Joomla. There are Wiki install options, and you can set up your own courses in Moodle. The range of supported scripts and systems is quite wide.

Easy-start for Webstore Owners

Even if you choose to have the JustHost as your website hosting provider, you can easily set up your own store. First of all, the usual online store software, the Magento, and others are all available, and there are many other features. SSL secure server is available, and you can add shopping carts too, such as Zen, Cube, Agora or OS Commerce Shopping Cart. The directories can be password protected, and there is OpenPGP and GPG Encryption.

Operating System

The JustHost offers only Linux hosting, with cPanel included in all plans. For VPS, you get root access too, but that’s only for developers – as a regular user, you shouldn’t mess around with root access. Windows hosting seems to be not available at the moment.

Advertising Credits

The better-than-Basic shared hosting plans include different packages of advertising credits for Google, Facebook, and some others. Also, there are SEO optional plans, which can help your site to be visible much faster.

The prices of JustHost are also in the industry standard range. There are normal prices and discounted starting prices, which all depends on the contract’s length you would choose. Naturally, the different services have different starting and recurring prices, and a lot depends on the different packages and add-ons you choose. Let’s see these packages and their starting prices.

Shared Hosting Prices

You can choose from four JustHost packages, called: Basic, Plus, Prime, and Pro. These have different features, and so their prices vary a lot too. The Basic package, which includes all the basic elements a one-site hosting service, starts from $3.46 per month if you go for the 36 months contract. You will have to pay it up front. The rest of the packages start with a price over $6, but they are pretty good even if you choose their monthly, non-discounted version. These shared plans are fine for starters, but if your site or company grows, you might consider going for the VPS or even the dedicated servers.

JustHost VPS Hosting Prices

Though the Pro shared plan is quite good if you want to run several smaller sites, when you expect higher traffic, and would like to have your own (virtual) server which doesn’t share the power with others, the VPS would be the way to go. Naturally, better access and higher power come at a cost, but the JustHost offers it at the standard prices – however, there are discounts if you opt-in for longer periods. The most basic VPS package could be yours for $17.49 with a 12-month contract. When comes to VPS, you might also go for 3 or 6 months terms, to see if it’s good for you or not. The better VPS packages’ prices change in accordance with the virtual server’s power.

Dedicated Server Prices

The dedicated servers at the JustHost represent the real power: these are actual servers which you can use to host your site at, and they are going to grant you the true performance. You get your own “box”, which has separate RAM, CPU, and storage, and it doesn’t share the power with any other client. Three dedicated servers are available, and their prices all start over $100, which practically is the industry standard. You can opt-in for a maximum of 12 months, but 6 and 3 months-long terms are available too. You should pick those which you find affordable.


You can opt-in for some extra features to enhance your site’s performance and security. For example, the add-ons you can choose for Dedicated hosting are: Additional domain names, dedicated IP (additional IPs, you get 3 included in the smallest package), and you can grab additional storage. Domain Privacy is also available. For the VPS plans, you could buy additional domain names, dedicated IP and SAN Storage. The shared plans don’t include too many add-on features, but you can opt-in for SiteLock, Backup and Restore Pro, SpamExperts Mail filtering, SSL, privacy, and others. These usually come at yearly prices, but there are also some which are available for shorter periods. We strongly recommend that if you choose the JustHost, try to opt-in for all the security you can. This way, you can avoid later headaches caused by hacking and data-loss.

If you choose the JustHost, you can rest assured, your information, databases and content are all kept safe. But that’s only what you can see on the surface. Every data center of the JustHost is monitored constantly, and every server is protected against DDoS and other attacks. These servers and data centers are all heavily protected, and they are usually backed up. The JustHost offers several optional security measures to enhance your website’s safety:

Site Backup and Restore:

This service covers you if something goes astray with your site. In case files get corrupted, or your site is compromised any other way, you can easily restore your files. This service is optional, but it’s worth it, since it grants you automatic backups, and you can restore short or long-term saves too. It’s also possible to select which files you need; there is no need to restore everything if only a few files are compromised.


The SiteLock service is a powerful security service provider, which keeps your websites above the water anytime. The SiteLock include vulnerability checks, monitoring, and removal. It’s not the cheapest add-on, but it’s recommended and is worth it.

SSL Certificates:

Users of the JustHost can opt-in for an SSL certificate. It ensures that the data on your site is encrypted, and is not to be seen by others. If you plan to have a store online, or a more serious business is in your mind, you should opt-in for a dedicated SSL certificate.

SpamExperts Mail Filtering:

This helps you to prevent spams from arriving in your mailbox, this way further increasing your site’s safety. The JustHost doesn’t have its own data center anymore: it seems to have been moved to the EIG data center in Utah. It means it’s at a secured location, and it’s under constant watch and is just as safe as the other hosts of the EIG group. It looks like there isn’t a European datacenter for the JustHost, so you will have to settle with the fact that your European users will have a barely noticeable increase in loading times. It’s not easy to recognize the difference, and your visitors won’t really notice it. Apart from this, the uptime of the JustHost has to be measured too.

Quite strangely, this web host doesn’t boast about its uptime, so there are no banners around saying you get 100% uptime or whatsoever. So, in order to depict the uptime, we had to test the JustHost ourselves. Well, the uptime is over 99%, and though it’s usually up to the industry standards of 99.94%, sometimes it might fall a bit behind that. Server outages are not common, and if one occurs it only lasts for seconds or a few minutes at least. Basically, the uptime isn’t guaranteed, but it’s good, and it’s up to the standards with a bit inconsistency.

There are two ways to find answers to your questions: to get help from the support agents or find the info yourself. We suggest you to do both. The JustHost has a good customer support, which consists of operators who are trained well and are eager to help you with all your queries. You can get in touch with them via the usual methods: phone, chat, and email. For instant help, the live chat and the phone support is recommended. The live chat agents are available 24/7, and they will prove to be quite helpful.

On the other hand, if you have complaints or something, the email would be the proper channel, as you can track your discussion and save the emails and the responses. On the other hand, the JustHost has a great help center, where you can find every common-needed knowledge. You are going to find articles about creating websites, setting up your email account, and about .htaccess, Name Severs and a whole lot more. This ensures that you can get the help you might need without waiting for a support agent to get back to you! Naturally, every review has to end with a bottom line.

The JustHost will get you what you need as long as you don’t have excessive traffic, or you don’t build very large databases. As we’ve found out the JustHost brings the industry standard services, for a quite friendly price. Actually, the prices are among the strongest attracting forces of the JustHost. In order to satisfy you, this hosting provider grants you great features, a good uptime, and speed, along with the top-quality support. The JustHost is a recommended website host for all levels of customers!

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