eHost Review

eHost Review


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  • Part of a Large Group (EIG)
  • Friendly Pricing
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Are you looking for a good website hosting service? If yes, and you would also like to have a great shared plan, the eHost has a good solution for you. Of course, the good prices are just part of the great service you could expect from this hosting provider…. Read More

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4.84 (79 votes)
User Rating(79 votes) 4.84
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eHost Review

The eHost is a recently rebranded web host, which offers the clients a shared hosting service. It’s not hard to learn everything about this shared hosting, because the eHost offers only one service and one plan, for a nice price. eHost seems to be a great choice for one-site business, bloggers, and entrepreneurs, while for large companies, another host would be the option.

The package you get if you choose eHost is really handsome, and it gives you a solution which might just grant all the necessary goodies you seek in hosting: free cPanel is included, and you get many “free” things including security, advertising, and one-click installs. eHost has a fine service, and even beginners could use the website builder, while those who already have a site operated with a common CMS (e.g. Joomla, WordPress) can easily move their content from there… via FTP.

Truth to be told, there are fields to improve in, yet the eHost would prove to be a good choice for you. In our eHost review, we are going to share our insight about eHost with you, and in the end, we believe, you will find it satisfying for your needs. Given you are not looking for VPS or dedicated hosting. We’ve tested this hosting service provider in and out, and if you trust our judgment, you can avoid future problems and headaches. So, fasten your seatbelt, and let’s get down to business!

eHost and Its Background

eHost has been hosting websites for over twenty years now. It has been around since 1996, and after its acquisition by the Endurance International Group, it was rebranded and rebooted in 2010. Before being acquired by EIG, the eHost wasn’t too well-known in the hosting industry, but nowadays it hosts over a million of sites, which all belong to satisfied customers of them. In 2015, the eHost got a major rebranding and revamping, thus it became the web host it is nowadays. One of the major changes was switching from vDeck to the more common and popular cPanel. Today, the eHost offers cloud-based hosting in a shared hosting form, and it’s a great entry-level website hosting service. As its now in the EIG, the eHost offers better security and even better customer support, provided by the stable international background.

The eHost Hosting Plan

Currently, the eHost offers the clients shared hosting plan, which is a quite satisfying option all things considered. This is an everything-included plan, which you will find good enough for your site. The plan grants you “unmetered” storage, bandwidth, email accounts and MySQL database sizes. Naturally, excessive usage will result in restrictions for your site, but that’s the case for all of the web hosts. It’s understandable actually because if you are on a shared plan, your excessive usage might affect the other sites on the same server. The unmetered expression is in use instead of unlimited, as there are no set limits. Basically, about 96% of the users are in the normal-usage range, while about 3.9% are in the low-usage category, and only 0.05% are those who are doing the nasty and run sites which receive excessive traffic, use much more bandwidth than a regular site, or build up way too large MySQL databases.

Building Your Website at eHost

You can choose from two methods to have access to your site: cPanel or the eHost website builder. The second is highly recommended to website owners who plan to launch a site for the first time. More experienced users should opt-in for the cPanel, and install whatever they need – and whatever is available.

The cPanel is the most common control panel nowadays, and the eHost uses the core cPanel, customized to its own needs and design. On the other hand, it has all the functions one would expect. It offers you the option to install the most popular content management systems like Drupal, WordPress or Joomla. All this can be done with practically one click. There is FTP access granted, and you get a fine, full control over your site. If you are migrating from another host, the cPanel option is the best one you could opt-in for, as you can use the CMS or the FTP to re-add the content from your site.

As for the website builder, it’s simple, and it is one of the best ones you could get. It’s based on the usual drag’n’drop building method, so if you load a template (there are more than 1000, quite professional-looking templates) you can use your mouse to customize it for your needs. The eHost website builder is a perfect tool for beginners, who can take advantage of its “what you see is what you get” solution to build wonderful, personalized sites, even from the templates. You can insert everything you need, such as slideshows, galleries of pictures and videos, along with contact forms and different widgets. You are going to find these options satisfying and handy.

The back-end design of the eHost is clear, and it’s one of the most transparent interfaces in the industry. The only thing we missed is the visibility of the DNS information.

Email Solutions

eHost offers a full-suite of email solutions. If you choose to go with the eHost shared plan, you gain the opportunity to take advantage of the unlimited email option. You can manage your mail accounts via cPanel too, and the eHost supports POP3 and IMAP too, and there are several security measures you can launch such as virus searching and spam filtering. Marketers can have their emails forwarded to other addresses, and there are auto-responders available too.

Site Analytics

It is a quite important thing nowadays because you have to know exactly how your site measures up on its own and against the competition. There are some handy tutorials for beginners – and experienced users can recap some info from them too – showing the basics of site building and SEO. eHost has its own analytics software, which offers insight about traffic and visitor behavior (e.g. visits vs. clicks). If you prefer Google WebMaster tools, it’s available too! With these advanced options, you can measure how your site is doing, and you can change what has to be changed in order to get more traffic, and converting visitors into clients.

Domains and Sites

If you open an account at the eHost, you can launch an unlimited number of sites, and you can grab unlimited domains. The domains aren’t free of course, only the first one is yours without fees.

eCommerce Features

The eHost, though it has only one shared hosting plan has an all-round solution on offer, and if you plan to launch a webshop, you can do so easily. Both the popular web-shop software could be installed: Magento and PrestaShop. You can add free shopping cart to your site too. In case you want to run your own little store online, you would need payment solutions too. At the eHost, you can set up payment gateways, and PayPal is also included, so you can add that too if you don’t want your buyers to use credit cards directly on your site.

Mobile and Social

The sites you can create at eHost will be mobile friendly. It doesn’t matter if you use the cPanel and one of the CMS systems or the website builder, you can make your site appear on any screen sizes nicely. Mobile-compatibility and responsiveness are utterly important today, and you have to consider this when you design your site. Also, the social media presence is very important, and the eHost grants you all the features you need, including support of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. This means that you can add like, share, tweet and other options to your site, making it easier for your readers/clients to share your content with others. More shares mean more views, which leads to more conversions.

Advertising Credits

The eHost shared hosting plan includes a few hundred dollars’ worth of marketing credits too. You can kickstart your online presence with the Google, Yahoo and Bing ad credits, and later, you can also take advantage of the offered Facebook marketing and other marketing solutions.

eHost offers only one shared hosting package which is called “eHost everything”, and which gives you an unlimited hosting solution for a low price. The starting price is $2.75, and it increases only after the first period (which you can choose, of course). This package includes basic hosting services, such as unlimited storage, bandwidth, and database sizes. In the client’s area, where the cPanel is, you will see some “upgrade” offers. These upsells might be handy if you are looking for some extra advertising credits or things like that. Otherwise, the only thing you have to pay is the hosting, and the renewal later. There is a free domain included for you with the hosting plan, but if you cancel your account for some reason, there is a flat fee you have to pay if you want to keep the domain name.

The eHost has a 30-days money back guarantee, which is slightly better than the usual standards of the industry. In the first 45-days, if you are not satisfied, you can get a full refund, with no questions asked. However, if you decide that it’s not for you, but you are over the 30-days, you get a partial refund, based on the time passed and the remaining time of your contract. If you wish to keep your domain name, you need to pay a flat $15 fee – which will be deducted from the refund.

The eHost offers a great support that much is true. But what if you need to know your data, your site’s info, and your clients’ info are safe? Well, the eHost can guarantee industry standard security, along with a great selection of several security features.

eHost offers good server protection, both online and on the data center location. You could feel safe as the company offers 24/7 monitoring, and you can benefit from their different security offers. Even though the servers are safe, there are a number of things you have to do in order to make sure your account is safe: use strong passwords, create email accounts only for registering your site, and add your best, most-used email as a secondary email to the registration account. This way, even if someone hacks your site or your connected email, you can get back the control.

eHost is protected against DDoS attacks, by firewall and rulesets which protect your site from almost all forms of attacks. When it comes to online protection, there are several ways you can get the most: for example, it’s always highly recommended that you keep every CMS and scripts up to date, thus the malicious users who are looking for sites to wreak havoc at, can’t exploit outdated installations’ breaches. Also, as usual, you have to have a good anti-virus, anti-spyware on your computer, so hackers can’t steal your account info. So, apart from the server-side security, it’s also very important to keep top-notch security in effect of your computer too.

Another matter of reliability is the uptime. The eHost boasts a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which seems to be a bit exaggerating. But, it only “seems” exaggerating. Actually, they can keep up this promise, and our tests show. Apart from some minor downtimes, the sites hosted by eHost are all available at least 99.9% of the time. You shouldn’t really worry about the uptime of your site, the eHost grants a great service.

As far as the server speeds are concerned, this is also a field the eHost brings the industry standards in. You are going to find out, that your site – depending on the visitor’s location – loads fast, and there is only milliseconds difference between the different locations and continents. Of course, the loading time highly depends on the content, template and overall setup of your website. But one thing is certain: the shared hosting service of the eHost is nice, and the sites are as fast as one would expect nowadays.

In case you happen to run into any problems, you would be glad to see that the eHost has a great customer support service, and they are going to fix your problems and solve most of the arising issues really quickly. It’s not easy to measure a company’s support service. After all, the result depends on the issue, on the client, and on the support agent. We are all human, and thus we can’t possibly be in a good mood all the time. Fortunately, the customer support and tech support at the eHost are quite great, and you are going to leave as a satisfied customer. When you contact the support of the eHost, you can trust their experience. In order to help you with your problems, the eHost offers three ways you could access their support agents:On-site chat: available 24×7, in rush hours you might have to wait for a few minutes in line to get the attention of a support agent.

  • On-site chat:
  • Available 24×7, in rush hours you might have to wait for a few minutes in line to get the attention of a support agent.

  • Phone:
  • The eHost phone support is available during business hours

  • Mail:
  • It’s not as personal, nor as fast as the other methods. However, it’s easier to keep track of the message-exchanging, so it’s a better experience overall.

    As part of the support, the eHost offers a huge knowledge base, which is available for all users, registered and non-registered alike. If you are looking for an opportunity to have an awesome time, you should consider bookmarking the home page of the knowledge base. With the step by step guides and the thorough guides will enhance the experience of setting up your own website. As you might have been used to it, the knowledge base covers almost every field one would be interested in when launching the site. If you are not sure about what you are you doing, you should ask them for help.

    Bottom Line on eHost

    The eHost is a great choice if you think you would be satisfied with only shared plans. If you believe that you are not a person who would do well with VPS and dedicated, you should stick with eHost. Their pricing is good, and though many features represent the industry’s standard offering, there are still a few fields in which eHost exceeds the expectations. With the great uptime, the hot features and the overall good service, the eHost is definitely a good choice.

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